When our awesome Team Summer kid Briley showed up at Mycha’s house, he was…well…let’s just say he wasn’t exactly impressed.

Mycha has good reason to be a bit grumpy. He’s only six years old, and he’s already been battling leukemia for a year. That means he’s been poked and prodded and has had to deal with bunches of rounds of chemo. YUCK!

But what Mycha didn’t know was that THIS was waiting for him in the front yard!! A John Deere Power Wheels tractor!

Mycha’s whole mood shifted dramatically when he laid eyes on it!

He jumped right in…as if he had been driving his whole life! No lessons needed!

Good thing there are speed controls on these things!

And it wasn’t long before Mycha had the back trailer filled with all HIS trucks!

Good job, Briley! You have clearly made a difference in Mycha’s life. Just look at his smile!

And thanks to all of you who have donated to Team Summer! Without your help, we could not have made this happen!


Glenda Fleming says:

Well you can plainly ? how much fun Briley was having just being involved❤

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