Sometimes you have to start a story with a face. This face!

This is four-year-old Caroline at the precise moment she spotted her Team Summer gift!

To understand how amazing this picture is, you need to know her back story. Last year, Caroline’s hands started shaking, the first indication her parents had that anything was wrong. Then one morning, she woke up trembling all over. A trip to the ER and an MRI later, doctors found the cause. Caroline had a brain tumor the size of a softball in the back of her head. The doctors did not offer much hope. They were talking about blindness and paralysis.

BUT you can tell from the picture above that she SEES her gift and you can tell from the picture below that she is RUNNING to it! Ha! So much for blindness and paralysis. Not this girl!

To get to this moment, Caroline has endured surgery and radiation, and then another surgery when the tumor came back. Now Caroline is in a clinical trial, trying immunotherapy. But no matter what, she makes friends and finds something to be happy about. She’s just that kind of kid.

Now for the Team Summer kid who made those pictures above possible – our very own Jocelyn! She’s been in the thick of her own cancer battle involving the retina in her right eye. She met Caroline somewhere along her cancer journey and wanted her to be a Team Summer kid, too! In fact, she wanted to give Caroline the exact same gift she got – a swing set! This is Jocelyn getting her gift about a year and half ago.

Now she’s all grown up (well, at least a little bit!) and getting the fun of being the gift-giver.

Hey, you might have Caroline’s expression, too, if you spotted THIS in your backyard! Your donations helped us buy it, and a group of wonderful Team Summer volunteers built it!

And believe me, Caroline knew just what to do!

The two girls played and played, just like little girls are supposed to do. Yes, that’s a little sister squished in there, too! No one was thinking about hospitals and needles today!

Good job, Jocelyn! You’ve given Caroline a gift that will help get her through any yucky times ahead! We love your heart!

Many thanks to our Team Summer volunteer photographer Denise Duplinski for these fabulous pictures! Priceless!

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