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Summer’s car is in our driveway! A gorgeous, red 2006 Honda CRV!! Summer is over the moon! Let me share with you how this all came about.

Two weeks ago, friends and family of Summer set out make a big dream of hers come true. The Make-A-Wish people had come by a few weeks earlier. The foundation grants a wish to any kid diagnosed with cancer , and it was Summer’s turn. All Summer wanted was a car. But Make-A-Wish does not grant cars. Apparently people were selling them and pocketing the cash. So they wanted to know Summer’s back-up wish. She could meet a famous person, go a cruise, or take a trip to the beach.

But Summer did not have a back-up wish. All she wanted was a car of her own. She deferred her wish because, as she put it, “I don’t want to make a wish just to make a wish.”

If you know Summer, you know getting her own car is all she talks about. It’s been a dream of hers for years, long before cancer.  When friends and co-workers of mine at Keller Williams Realty heard about Summer’s dream, they set out to do something that seemed impossible – raise enough money to buy Summer a car. By passing a hat at the end of a real estate class, they collected nearly $2000. An amazing start!

But the car that had captured Summer’s heart cost $13,500. It was sitting up at Carmax, and the dealership had agreed to hold it for awhile. But we all knew it could not be for long. So family and friends started a 2-week campaign to raise as much money as possible towards getting her THAT car.

Honda CRV - Interior

I’m so happy to report that in the last 12 days, more than a 100 people, in donations ranging from $5-$2,000,  raised a stunning total of $12,000!! Add in the money Summer has saved and some help from her family with tags and insurance and – BINGO! – the latest addition to our family, is sitting in our driveway! Summer has already named her:  Lola! Isn’t she gorgeous?!

Many, many, many thanks to all of you who helped make Summer’s dream come true! Your generosity has made a 16-year-old girl – one who has had an unbelievably tough year  – very, very happy!!

Honda CRV - Key












Phil Bauer says:

Here’s to Summer cruisin’ with Lola down the 101 from Astoria through the Redwoods to San Diego (though that might not be what Mom had in mind)!

Nancy Paddison says:

Wow…Lola is almost as gorgeous as Summer! Do you need some gas donations??

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