For Easton, it all began last March when he woke up in the middle of the night with a bad pain on his right side. His mom thought it was probably appendicitis and immediately took him to the emergency room. Unfortunately, it was something worse. Doctors found a mass in his kidney. It was cancer.

Now, that’s a big bummer when you are trying to finish up kindergarten and can’t wait to get to first grade. Easton was looking at months of chemo. The whole thing was pretty stressful for him, and he didn’t want to talk about it AT ALL.

Then along came Team Summer kid Luke, who was quite a bit older, and had already been down the cancer road for a while. Last year, Luke got this very cool kayak from Team Summer kid Eli.

Now it was Luke’s turn to help another kid with cancer. He found out about Easton through their school district. Luke is a big baseball player, and his team had a cancer awareness event at one of their baseball games. Luke invited Easton to throw out the first pitch! Kind of a big deal for a kid who had been having so much anxiety about cancer.

After that, Luke decided it was time to make Easton a Team Summer kid, too, and we all came up with a big plan to surprise him.

Everybody who knows Easton knows he’s crazy about music. Country music in particular. He knows the words to pretty much every country song! And we found out that Easton had always wanted to play the drums.

Check out the look on Easton’s face as he sees his Team Summer gift for the first time…

…an awesome set of drums!

Now THAT is one excited boy! And from what his mom tells us, Easton hasn’t stopped playing his drums since he got them…and he’s playing them LOUD! (Sorry, Mom!)

Hard to be anxious about cancer when you are wailing away on the drums, right?

Well done, Luke! What a wonderful thing to take Easton under your wing. You are what Team Summer is all about. Proud of you!

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