Summer was a sophomore at Riverwood International Charter School in Sandy Springs, GA before cancer took her from us. The students who now populate those halls never met her. And yet every year – this makes six! – they band together to create and sell their artwork to benefit Team Summer!

Earlier this month, art of every kind – drawings, paintings, sculptures, photographs – went up for sale to the highest bidder!

Enthusiastic buyers pretty much sold out the show! In just a couple of hours, the students raised $915 for Team Summer!! How cool is that?

Our thanks go (again!) to Riverwood teacher Dana Munson – who taught Summer photography back in the day – for helping to organize and coordinate the event! We love you!!

Many thanks also to Riverwood teachers Lana Ensmann and Heather Meyer for their help, along with all the kids whose artwork made this possible – Allie Abbott, Anaya Chennault, Annie Rose Wienstien, Ashley Wang, Bailee Ward, Cecelia Palma-Peutz, Celine Al-Noubani, Christal Woodward, Diana Harden, Eliana Nuckles, Elizabeth Smith, Emily Greenslade, Evelyn Casanova, Gabriela Jones, Haag Johnson, Halli Freidman, Hannah Miller, Hunter Paulson, Karina Spataru Toma, Katy Morgan, Lalah Hasbrouck, Lauren Cohn, Liliya Cooper, Lily Stormen, Liza Miller, Maria Coles, Mariella Stine, Michelle Brannan, Morgan Cohan, Nissa Newman, Rachel Cohn, Raina Grosswald, Riley Mehrman, Rina Loubaton, Sage Patterson, Sara Eve Caruthers, Téa Barton, Tori Williams, and Viha Umashankar. What a wonderfully talented and open-hearted group of kids. YAY!

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