Happy 22nd Birthday, Summer!!

A Message From Her Mother

Today would have been Summer’s 22nd birthday, had cancer not taken her from us. As we do every year, those who love her are left to wonder what she would have been like as a young adult – what she’d be doing, what direction her life would be going.

But we’ll never have answers to those questions, and that’s the hardest part on a day like today.

One thing I DO know is that she’d be so excited by the direction and impact of Team Summer. For her, it was always about helping kids with cancer, and that has been our steadfast focus. And undoubtedly, she’d have been the first one dyeing her hair purple in the Purple Hair Challenge last September, and she would have talked a bunch of you into it, too! And I know she’d be so humbled – as we all were – by the result of the end-of-year Matching Gift Campaign.  If you haven’t heard, you all not only hit our $11,000 match, you far exceeded it, bringing in a total of $35,000! Thank you SO much!

So where does all this take us? We are at an interesting crossroads at Team Summer. Up until now, we’ve been a smaller group of volunteers with one paid, part-time employee to help manage the gifts. But we have reached the size where this model is no longer sustainable. In short, to continue, we need to make a BIG leap. At the January meeting of the Team Summer board of directors, we voted to begin the search for an Executive Director. To say we are not nervous about making this kind of commitment would be a lie. But it’s either march forward – on faith – or fall back. And this group has never been the “fall back” type.

On this special birthday, if you feel inspired to support our efforts please consider donating in honor of Summer’s memory and mission. We truly can’t do any of this without you!

Much Love,

Lynne Dale


Team Summer



Lori peterson says:

Happy Birthday Summer!! I know her birthday is a bittersweet day for you. I hope the crack in your heart heals a little more each time you hear from someone who has been blessed with one of the gifts that was provided to them in your daughters honor!! ??. If only you could see the joy you have brought to my granddaughter (Haylee from Lincoln). She is so excited to share your mission with other kids going through such tough times. The impact is so much more far reaching than just the kids, it’s the entire family. This gift gives the moms and dads something to get excited about and be able to watch their children experience joy that they so deserve. Being a Grandma I get double the pleasure. I get to see the happiness in both my daughter AND my granddaughter! Thank you!!!

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