Last summer, Brayden, who was six at the time, was on a Disney Cruise with his family when he suddenly started feeling sick.

His stomach became distended and began to hurt. After taking an x-ray, the ship’s doctor saw fluid in his abdomen and suspected a burst appendix. That was enough to get them evacuated off the ship by the Coast Guard. Two cities and one Angel Flight later, doctors determined that what was wrong with Brayden was something worse: a tumor in his abdominal cavity.

After that, Brayden’s life flipped upside down. He could no longer go to school, and soon his hair began to fall out from the chemotherapy. Now for most boys his age, that would not be a huge deal. But Brayden had been obsessed with his hair, spending 20 minutes every day before school arranging it just right. And look at that hair! It is pretty awesome! So losing it was a tough thing for Brayden to bear. And then came more rounds of chemo – 14 in all, plus 4 weeks of radiation and a brand new hot chemo that is about as much fun as it sounds.

Luckily for Brayden, across the hospital hall from him was a kid who understood exactly what it was like to be a kid with cancer, Team Summer kid Kyle! Even though Kyle was hip-deep in treatments for osteosarcoma, he still wanted to cheer up his little friend – a true Team Summer spirit!

Kyle is a “go-big-or-go-home” kind of kid. So of course his gift was…well…big!

Can you tell that Brayden likes it??

It’s a hoverboard! Click here to see the live action! Brayden Opens Gift

Now if you think it’s a little weird for a kid who is hooked to an IV pole to get on a hoverboard, you are probably not alone. But Brayden comes from a family that is not going to be slowed down by a pesky IV pole. And in case you were wondering, a hoverboard doesn’t really hover; you stand on it and it moves all by itself.

I think it’s safe to say that the nursing staff had never seen anything like this before!

But they clearly liked it!

And Brayden hovered like a pro! IV hoverboard – it’s a brand new sport!

Frankly, this is the kind of moment you just have to see for yourself, so here are two quick video clips of the action:

Brayden rolls down hospital hallway

Brayden entertains the nurses

Kyle, you brought real joy to Brayden’s life! Way to go!

Many thanks to Team Summer photographer Robin Gerrard for these great pictures!


Susie says:

If Kyle’s family is involved in anything; you can be rest assured that you will feel the most heartwarming experience that is most definitely”from the heart.” My heart, prayers, and most of all; my admiration go out to all the children and families that are enduring any form if this dreadful disease. The displayed strength is nothing short of amazing.

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