Josiah was only two years old when he got his Team Summer gift from Summer. Now four years old, he just gave his first Team Summer gift…to three-year-old Elijah!

Josiah and Summer

The two boys have a lot in common. Both were diagnosed at the same age, just under 2, with the same disease, neuroblastoma – which is a cancer of nerve tissues.

Elijah has been through a lot in his young life. Each of the beads on the necklaces (in the picture to the right) represents a medical procedure or process that he has endured – including biopsies, blood draws, hospital stays, and chemo treatments.


Team Summer found out that Elijah loves typing on keyboards, so Josiah’s gift to Elijah was an iPad with a yellow keyboard attached! The boys formed an immediate friendship and had a blast breaking in Elijah’s new iPad! Many thanks to all of you who, through your donations, helped make this happen!

Elijah's Gift-14






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