Summer and Alan

Summer and Team Summer were the subject of an Invisible Children blog this week!

If you’ve ever heard of the documentary “Kony 2012”, which went viral earlier this year on YouTube, you know that Invisible Children is the organization behind the movement to capture Joseph Kony and bring him to justice. Kony leads Uganda’s LRA, which is accused of kidnapping more than thirty thousand children and forcing them to fight in his war.

Invisible Children found out about Summer after they called to thank her mom for her donation to Invisible Children. When the intern on the phone asked Lynne Dale how she had heard about Invisible Children, she told her that her teenage daughter, Summer, had recently insisted she sit down and watch “Kony 2012.” The intern said that Summer must be an impressive young lady. Lynne laughed and said ‘you don’t know the half of it,’ and gave the intern Team Summer’s website address.

We learned later that Summer and Team Summer were discussed at the next Invisible Children staff meeting, and that they were “all incredibly moved and inspired.” Invisible Children then interviewed Summer and Lynne over the phone and recently published a blog about Team Summer. Click here to read it!

Summer is very honored by this recognition from an organization she respects so much!


Sarah Grace Stafford says:

I am so proud of you Summer! Congratulations

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