From Summer’s mom: I just got a call from Summer’s stepmom, Cynthia. She was crying. But not for the reason that has us all crying these days – the shocking discovery of five tumors in Summer’s brain. She was crying because she just checked the donation list for Team Summer. People from all over – people we know, people we don’t know – are donating to Team Summer today and writing her notes of encouragement.


I just went online and looked for myself. Even though I already knew what to expect, actually seeing the list, name after name, was overwhelming. Each one a little prayer, a smile of encouragement in our direction. Now I’m crying, too. You cannot imagine the impact you are all having on us. You are helping to sustain us on this difficult day, the eve of Summer’s brain surgery.

Summer is asleep right now, but when she wakes up, I’m going to slowly read her each name to give her a sense of just how many people are pulling for her right now and how many people believe in her dream to help all kids with cancer.


Sweet Summer,we have our Team Summer bracelets.Had them a while alone with our Team Lacey bracelets.We are really GOOD friends with Lacey and her folks.So we are doing and have been doing the same as we done with Lacey our pray chair is as big as Team Summer. We have it going so strong you are going to get the same answer as Lacey!!Summer YOU keep the faith and put yourself in Gods hands and watch what he will do.God bless you and your family. When this is all done and behine you i hope we can meet someday face to face.Summer’s parents i wish y’all the best in what you are goin through.

Joyce Witt-Grow says:

Lynn Summer an the rest of your family,
My thoguht & prayers are with you and have been form ths start. Summer is such an amzing, beautiful young lady. Uncle Earl is thinking of you!


Sending love, hugs and prayers!! We believe in you & your dream, Summer!!!

Sweet Summer,we have our Team Summer bracelets,had them a while alone with our Team Lacey bracelets.We are really GOOD friends with Lacey and her family.So we are doing and have been doing the same as we done with Lacey.Our pray chair is as big as Team Summer and we have it going so strong you are going to get the same answer as Lacey!! Summer YOU must keep the faith and put your worries in Gods hands and watch what he will do. God bless you and your family. When this is all done and behine you i hope we can meet face to face.Summer’s parents we wish you the best with what you are going through.Much love The Johnson family a.k.a Blondie’s Kennel

Donna Morgan Hoffman says:

Summer – You know we love you so much and we KNOW that you will beat this. There are so many people praying for you, pulling for you, and urging you to keep the strength, attitude and power to kick this cancer’s ass! Love you, Donna and Byron

Ann Dodys says:

Love and prayers go out to all of you! WE LOVE SUMMER!!!!Tell her to get well so Ana can make her some mac and cheese when she gets home.

Christine Harper says:

Prayers are being said all of the world for Summer! My heart swells and aches for you and Summer. I look at her smiling face and all that she is doing for others and am inspired beyond belief. Summer is truly changing lives -kids and adults. I just hugged Simon harder than I have ever hugged him, at least that is what I thought. He said, “Mom, are you thinking of that girl again? should we pray?” I couldn’t even answer. He told me how she is pretty and smart and good. She’ll be okay.

Sndy and Irene Mason says:

You are in our hearts and prayers. Sending powerful positive energy your way. Continue your fight the same as always….to win! To best this thing and win back your life! Remember we are on the sidelines…cheering…really loud !!! Lots of love yo your and your family. Xo

Betty and Ned Case says:

Hi Summer,
You have an amazing step-mom (I am sure your whole family is amazing, but Cynthia is the one I know 🙂 ) and it is obvious that you are so loved. We want to add our thoughts and prayers to those of your many admirers. You have been a brave trooper during this journey and have touched so many lives. Thank you for your honesty, even when it is hard, and your kindness to those around you. We are pulling for you and are proud to have a connection with you and your family through Cynthia. God bless you and those you love – He is with you every step of the way.
Faith, hope, and love,
Betty and Ned Case

Anandini says:

Hi!! I was the student who shadowed Dr.Hughes today! I was really humbled to see you – despite your struggles with you health, you are able to keep an excellent demeanor. Your passion for helping other kids suffering from cancer is admirable. Your personality and attitude set an excellent example. I definitely hope you rally past these obstacles. Good Luck!

Dana gadaire says:

Good luck tomorrow, Summer! We are thinking of you!

John Shields says:

Dear Summer,
Mrs Newton told us about you. Basically, if Miss Mary says that someone is a friend of hers the. We simply assume that we will be friends with you too when we meet you. Please know that our family up here in TN is praying for you. We trust that good news is son to come.
With Much Love
John and Tammy Shields

Charie says:

Summer, you are amazing. Such a gift to this world! You are an inspiration!

Lynn Peek says:

I am Anjie Woodworth’s mother. I have been keeping up with you through Anjie and Andy and have been praying for you since the beginning of this ordeal. I can’t express my admiration for your courage and your concern for others. My prayers will stay with you, your family, and the children you care about. I wish you well.

Susan says:

Prayers for you, Precious Summer, in your fight against cancer. My heart goes out to you and your family and may God keep his hand upon you during your surgury!!
People like you make this world a better place!!
Keep on fighting…………’ve got so much more good to do and so much more light to shine

Ellie Tisell says:

Dear summer,
Your a beutiful young girl and so brave to go through this and not worry about your self and worry about other kids with cancer i read your story and cried . you are my role model from now own . i am going to encourge people to look at your website and donate.

ellie tisell 12

Stew Hickman says:

Prayers go out; prayer go ON; like so many stars in a clear night. So many! I am amazed. What a world you have created. You created a movement, of hope, of money, of energy, of thought. A movement of thought and prayer and wishes. Do you know how amazing that is? Wow. We are with you. I’m a “first cousin once removed. ” What does that even mean? It means my grandparents (Doug and Florence) are one set of your great-grandparents. You and I met years ago when you were a wee one. I don’t know you well, but I have known your mom and Aunt Holly and Uncle Dave forEVER . Since they were wee ones! You know, part of this movement is that I think about you a lot. But not just me: with me you get a whole family of Hickman-Dolan-Grahams thinking about you, rooting for you: my kids from my first marriage, my wife’s boy from her first marriage and HIS family, our Molly (whom you met at “the family reunion… 2001… remember no? well, small world, that event was where your grandma Marna first taught my Molly to read!). So, long story short, here we are turning our prayers ON for you. Stew, Busy, Molly, Andy, Hannah, Tom, Keren, Madeleine, Julia, CJ. But wait! You also get: Bob, Pat, Tim, Charlie, Libby, Martha, Dave, Florence, Meg. And on and on and on. A whole constellation of the MacMahon/Wicker family. We are small , but fierce! You get one, you get them all!
Cuz’ Stew

Emily Ellison says:

Summer, as I texted your mom tonight, you have an army in front of you and another behind you. We’re with you every step of the way, sending out love and prayers along the route to your being well. We love you and your sweet family. And we’ll be thinking about you every minute tomorrow. Much love,
Emily, Chuck, and Elli

Christie Derrick says:

Hello beautiful Summer,
I just wanted to let you know that you are getting lots of thoughts and prayers from the Derrick family today and through your surgery tomorrow.
Emily and I prayed for you earlier this afternoon and put a check in the mail to Girl Talk to order 10 Team Summer bracelets that we will wear proudly.
We prayed for you at dinner and again tonight when I was putting each of Emily’s two younger sisters to bed. Good luck tomorrow and stay strong!
lots of love – Christie Derrick

Sarah Marean says:

May God hold you in the palm of his hand while you are on this path. You have many friends who love you so very much.

Debbie Chamberlain Carr says:

I seen your website on Jim Morells facebook; and wanted to add my families support; my husband and close members of his family have had and some are still going through their own battles with this terrible disease; our thoughts are with u and your loved ones. keep your head up, smile on your beautiful face and keep on fighting;

Madonna says:

I sincerely hope that you will soon be out of the hospital and that you are able to put this behind you and that good health will once again prevail. My thoughts & prayers go out to you.

Lisa says:

I know about Summer from Brenda and have been following her story via what Brenda shares. I’ve always thought Team Summer was an awesome thing, but hearing about these new brain tumors just gets me right in the gut. The 17th was just the one year anniversary of my dad’s death. He died after a 16 month battle with brain tumors. I don’t say that to be depressing; Summer’s case is entirely different and she probably doesn’t have the same type of tumors he did. A lot of brain tumors can be successfully removed; my dad’s were unfortunately not one of those kinds. Anyway, my heart goes out to Summer and her family, and I sent my donation just a few moments ago. I wish the best to you all and sympathize with what you are all going through right now – I know it is anything but easy.

Tonjia Scarborough - Fairfield, Texas says:

My prayers are with you – keep that bautiful smille darlin’..

Priscilla Ferrer says:

Hi Summer, I’ve followed your story for the past few months. Today as I procrastinated for my summer school exam I discovered that you were having surgery through Ms. Linda May. I also discovered that like me, you attended both AGS and Riverwood. I immediately stopped what I was doing and said a prayer for you. I pray that you get to experience prom, graduation, being in love, and all the things girls your age should get to experience with much joy. You’re truly an inspiration! I hope and have faith that all will go well with your surgery today.

Kevin Trudeau says:

Hi Summer – what a pretty name that is 🙂
Well, you don’t know me or my family but a friend in Atlanta shared your news with us and I just wanted to take a second and wish you all the best on behalf of my wife and I and our own little girl.
Keep smiling and stay strong – hey, turns out the world does care. All the best to you Summer.

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