This is Josiah. He is 2 1/2 years old.


When we met him, he had just been diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a cancer that forms in nerve tissue.

josiahs-gift-11We learned that his mother had already been incapacitated by a serious illness and his grandmother was struggling to pick up the pieces.

josiahs-gift-2She told us that Josiah was an unusually bright child, and she was worried about how his active mind would endure the long, difficult treatments.

josiahs-gift-15We told her about Team Summer and how Summer wanted to give Josiah a gift. We asked her if she could think of anything that might help. She told us that she had heard of a new educational toy called a LeapPad. Without hesitating, we told her we would have one for Josiah in the morning.

josiahs-gift-5But we quickly learned that that was not going to be an easy promise to keep! Team Summer volunteers fanned across the city in search of one.

josiahs-gift-21Store clerks laughed at them. It was just before Christmas and LeapPads had sold out weeks ago.

josiahs-gift-20But we left no stone unturned! Finally, at 1:26am, SCORE!

josiahs-gift-23Team Summer delivered the LeapPad to Josiah as promised. Josiah was overjoyed!


josiahs-gift-4His grandmother was overwhelmed.

josiahs-gift-10Summer, recovering from her last chemo treatment, joined by phone.


Now this sharp little boy has something all his own, something he can carry with him through what is to come!

josiahs-gift-8Thanks to all of you who support Team Summer!




Melonee Early says:

Summer has just became my idol I love her ? heaven truly gained an angel when she went home, Sleep in peace most beautiful young woman I’ve had the blessing to read about. I never had a chance to meet but I feel nothing but love ? for you.

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