Today took courage.  It was the day Summer decided to let herself be photographed bald. It certainly helped that the woman behind the lens was Brenda Richterkessing. Summer knows her well and trusts her. Before Summer was diagnosed, she took photography lessons from Brenda and even modeled some for her.

Summer and Siera

Summer Solitude

Truth is, Summer never really liked wearing a wig. She said it made her feel fake. Plus, it itched.


And then there was that hilarious scene at a stoplight. Summer was in the passenger seat when a man in the car next to her started flirting with her. As the light turned green, Summer said to her friends in the back seat, “Watch this!” She turned toward the man and abruptly yanked off her wig. The man’s horrified expression was priceless, as was Summer’s girlfriends’ hysterical laughter! That was the last time Summer put on a wig.

Walking around without a wig is one thing, but being photographed that way is quite another. Brenda suggested this session awhile back, but Summer was not ready. Then a couple of weeks later, she sent Brenda this text:


Summer was ready!

On the big day, professional makeup artist and clothing stylist Johanna lent her talents for the shoot.

summer-studio-2So in the spirit of  “a picture speaks a thousand words”…and without further are the results of this magical day!










Summer will tell you that these pictures have changed the way she thinks about herself. Ironically, it took being bald for her to see her own beauty. And no doubt, these pictures will give her confidence to move forward with Team Summer…as her authentic self.


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