Rowan 1
When 17-year-old Rowan left for her job this summer to be a counsellor for girls at Camp Seafarer in Arapahoe, North Carolina, she knew she wanted to make a difference. She found out that the camp was holding a special session later in the summer for families of cancer survivors, and she began searching for ways to help raise needed funds. At the same time, she had also been looking for a way to help Team Summer. She and Summer had been friends in high school.

So she got the idea to take with her to camp a batch of Team Summer wristbands. She began offering them to her campers for a $6 donation.

The wristbands were a HUGE hit with the girls! Every few weeks or so this summer, Team Summer would get a call or email from Rowan saying that she had sold out her inventory and needed more wristbands!

In all, Rowan raised $630 for Team Summer and the same amount for cancer survivor session. Just amazing!

Some people talk about doing good, and other people do it. You do it, Rowan, and we love your heart!

Rowan 2

Rowan (3rd from left) and three of her campers!

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