12-year old Antonio is the kind of kid that when you mention his name to people, their faces light up, and they say, “Ohhhhh, Antonio! I LOVE Antonio.” He’s just a really sweet boy.

Last September, Antonio’s world turned upside down when a lump behind his ear led to a diagnosis of leukemia lymphoma. So far, he has been through four difficult rounds of chemotherapy.

Team Summer learned that what Antonio has always dreamed of having is his very own laptop. So, using Team Summer funds donated by people like you, that’s exactly what Summer got him – a Toshiba laptop, complete with software and its very own carrying case! Now Antonio can stay in touch with his friends through email and Facebook – epecially when he is in the hospital! After he opened his gift in the AFLAC Cancer wing at Scottish Rite Hospital, a nurse walking past said, “Antonio, I’ve never seen you smile this much!”

                                                                    Thanks to all of you who made this possible!

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